One of the most fun things we get to do as photographers is work as behind-the-scenes photographers at television series’ sets. It can be hard work– very, very long hours– but it’s fun.  What could be better than working with funny and creative people all day? Over the past few months, we’ve worked on the “Old Broad” series, a series created by Sheril Rodgers and Roni Hummel, a series about the antics of two over-60 and single sisters. In December, we worked on Old Broads #2: Moving on Up and in mid-March, we worked on Old Broads #3: In the Game.

The work looks easy but it can be challenging.  The light levels are typically low or inconsistent– or they have been in the scenes we’ve shot lately– and that can make creating interesting and in-focus images hard.  It’s also sometimes hard to know if we are in a scene that’s about to be recorded.  More than once, I (Billie) has been yelled at to “get out of the scene!”  Frankly, we’re getting better at anticipating camera direction and knowing what kinds of shots the camera operators are taking, but still.  It’s a challenge.

The best part?  In this last episode of “Old Broads,” we were able to play extras in a coffee shop scene.  It was an interesting experience not reacting to all that was going on around us but still acting like we were having a conversation and drinking coffee.  We think the acting bug has hit (at least one of us)!

Take a look at a few of the shots we took, and check out the Internet Movie Database links above. It’s exciting to see women create roles for themselves, it’s encouraging to see women taking charge and producing such complicated work, and it’s refreshing to see so many people with such generous spirits.




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