Earlier this week, I photographed the groundbreaking ceremony for the newest Kids R Kids Learning Academy in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  While these events are fairly quick, routine, and largely ceremonial, the ceremony matters.  The ceremony is symbolic of a future endeavor the owners will have with the community, that the community has with area families/parents, and that they all come together to support the community’s children.

A ceremony like this one is more than turning over a mound of dirt with a gold shovel.  It’s making a commitment to people.

Additionally, what’s fun about these events is meeting all sorts of interesting folks.  This event had, of course, the newest owners of the Learning Academy, their families, benefactors, staff from the corporate home office in Atlanta, local business leaders (especially those in closest proximity to the newest construction, and staff from the new center.

Most of these are people who would not connect with each other on a normal day, but this event brought them together.  In October, the children of Little Elm will have a school.

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