A few weeks ago, we provided portraits for the couples at a Daddy/Daughter dance at a local elementary school.  What was so wonderful about this event is the seriousness with which the dads took the occasion to tell their daughters how special they were. “You are so wonderful,” I heard one dad say, and “Can I have this dance, young lady?” another dad held out his hand for his daughter.  While these words and gestures may just seem courteous and kind, dads speaking these words teach their daughters what to expect from future suitors. Not all young girls had dads present, though. A few had their grandfathers in attendance or their uncles.  But these men showed the same kindnesses and respect to the girls. Several of the mothers in attendance were moved to tears seeing their daughters treated so respectfully and with such love.  Even I got a bit emotional at times. This was an event that the girls will not soon forget.

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