Having employee headshots on your company website or in a company brochure can show your customers or clients your entire team: who they speak to when they call you, for example, or exactly who is answering that email. This can build trust.  And if you are selling anything in today’s marketplace (and you are), you need customer trust to increase those sales. Consumers often trust more those individuals and companies they know.  Images help your customers know you.

But along with headshots of your employees, candid shots of these employees at work in your office or workspace produces a greater level of trust for your clients. Candid shots invite your customers into your office, and they see where you work, how you work, and with whom you work. With a candid portrait, your client can see your warmth and humanity.  They see more of you instead of a cold and impersonal business.  You have, in essence, pulled back the curtain and shown your customers that you have nothing to hide.

Of course, you are in business to make money, to sell your product or service, or to make a mark on your community.  In order to achieve these goals you have for yourself, you need client trust. In today’s culture, trust is not automatic; trust has to be earned. In his article, “How Can a Leader Create a High Trust Environment,” writer Mark Fenner writes about “high trust” vs. “low trust” environments. He notes that those he talks to about trust in business believe that trust is eroding, or as he puts it, “trending down.”  Fenner writes that the following characteristics/traits appear in a low trust environment:  employees are more tentative and guarded, stressful and fearful. They are isolated from their peers. High turnover and low performance are earmarks of a low trust environment.

Candid office shots can demonstrate to your clients that you have a “high trust” environment, and this could make them more likely to trust you. If the images are authentic (and are not staged), they can show your team being productive, in collaboration with each other, friendly and collegial. The images can show confidence and warmth.

What are you doing in your business to make sure your employees are happy, secure, valued, and a part of the team?  These are your candid shots.

If you are ready to schedule an in-house headshot session, we include office candids at no additional charge.  Give us a call or email.  We are happy to help you show the humanity and warmth and personality of your business.


For fun, how do the images below depict a “high trust” environment?

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